Juicing Gone Wild!

The desire for protein and no red fruit came over me tonight...

I grabbed 60 asparagus spears, 3 bosc pears, an entire 'bunch' of Lacinato Kale, and a HUGE Papaya and threw them all into the juicer!

**CAUTION** If you do this, be prepared to exchange out your catcher and have another container on hand... as this yielded over 64 ounces!

Initially I didn't have in mind to do the papaya.  That was before I tasted nearly only asparagus.  I thought, hmmm... I could add more pears. Then I saw it. The papaya was probably 12 inches in length and about 6 inches around.  I got it at Sprouts and had the notion that I'd try it.  A few days ago I tried a smaller one and was surprised by how sweet it was... almost overpowering!  I knew that would do it!  I grabbed it, sliced it in fourths and then slipped each one (rind and all) into the juicer

I called this 'Juicing gone wild!' as look at the specs of this juice alone!
Calories: 881, Carbs: 431, Fat: 8, Protein: 38, Fiber: 51 and Iron: 9

Which combined with my meals (other 2 juices earlier) makes my total for the day:
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber  Iron
1,844       431    8      67      123    82
*Fiber isn't really THAT high, as my juicer kicks out most of the pulp.

Ideally you can have this for two meals... there is no way I'm consuming all of that in one setting.

In the end... I'd say the drink is good.  However, if I could turn back time I would have only used half of the papaya.  That is one powerfully sweet fruit!

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