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After googling "farmers markets" in the area, I found them to be hit and miss... mostly miss, unless it is a Saturday.  Today is Tuesday. I'm not waiting til' Saturday.  I found this market / store in Rancho Cucamonga that reviewers were pretty happy about called Red Tomatoes Farmers Market (a little link to their site). I almost missed it as Google Maps had me go around back.

I took my two little ones (Tip: Bring a jacket for the tykes, it is COLD in the produce section.). Upon walking in I found some organic and some normal food.  The prices and quality of the items... WoW! Three pounds of roma tomatoes; only $0.99! At that price 10.49 pounds of tomatoes went into the cart! Eggplants were 3 for a buck (not 3 lbs, but 3 entire eggplants). They offered bell peppers by the pound for $0.99 and had a HUGE variety of sizes.  Which is perfect for juicing!

You'll find all kinds of produce, fruits, grains, nuts, sprouts, etc... some of which were completely new to me. I bought OPO Squash, Kohlrabi, Parsnip, Bitter Indian Mellon and Chinese Bitter Melon all for the first time today. Additionally, they have English Cucumbers for only $0.49, each!

And my favorite find... JICAMAs! Not just any old Jicamas, but these babies had NO wax on them?  I had asked the produce department at Sprouts last week; "Is it possible to buy jicamas without this THICK nasty wax on them?" They said; "No. They are not native to here and they all come in that way to help preserve them. Kind of gross I know. Sorry."  Well, now I know where to get them.  I bought several of them! What to do with jicamas...? Well, the juice is way sweet!  And I've seen video of people using them as "rice" in their RAW Sushi. They simply grate them down and use it as the rice.

I spent a touch over $20 for all of this...
My first 'Juice' after getting home consisted of:
**Slight disclosure: If you are new to juicing, I'd try this one after week one or so, as it might be bitter to taste buds that are still used to soda, candy, danishes, etc...**

2 English Cucumbers
5 Roma Tomatoes
1/2 a "sweet lime" <-- Next time I'll only do 1/4 or an 1/8th
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1 small handful of Parsley
2 Purple potatoes
1/4th inch of Ginger (possibly a little less)
I tasted this as I went... as it was new to me.  All was well until I added the lime. The lime was very strong (darn organic limes).
2 small Jicamas <-- See below as to why I added these (And yes, I would do it again.)
1 Radishes <-- I won't add this again.

I wanted to sweeten this up without making it fruity... as I was really craving a vegetable drink. Then I remembered the jicama!  This guy that I posted a link to his raw sushi the other day was raving about how sweet jicama juice is.  He suggested just drinking it. So... in went two jicamas! And this time, I just dropped them straight into the Breville! Since there wasn't any was on them to be removed!

In the end this made over 40 ounces of juice... easily 2 meals worth. Some juicers might make more and others less. It all depends on what you are using.

Just a little heads up... I've been juicing now with the Breville for about 22 of my last 30 days of juicing and the ONLY two things (imo) that are easy to clean is the food pusher and the pulp container. I will do a post either tonight or tomorrow with some useful tips for cleaning the juicer.  Why? Because this thing works, but can get annoying.  And if you don't know or don't pay attention food gets built up in some unusual places.

My Progress: 37.8 Pounds Lost in 30 Days!
a.ka. Roughly 132,300 Calories Exterminated!

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