Blueberries and Rainbow Collards!

This morning I wanted a real treat. Something crisp!  Something with a cool and refreshing flavor!

I also wanted nutrients, vitamins and some protein.

The craving for lettuce came over me.  Usually I want to throw in Romaine lettuce when I am craving nutrients.  This morning I wanted something different.  Upon opening the fridge there was a brand new head of red leaf lettuce and about a cup and a half of rainbow collard... bring it!

My breakfast:
About a cup of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.
3 bartlett pears
5 medium pink lady apples
1/2 a head of red leaf lettuce
About 1.5 cups, of rainbow collards (all of it... stems and leaves)

This made 46 ounces of juice.  I consumed 32 of those and saved the rest for a few hours later.

I entered in all of the ingredients in MyFitnessPal and this is what they gave me:
Calories    Carbs    Fat    Protein    Fiber   Iron
1,035         265        0        21         71       63

The rainbow collards alone added 14 grams of protein!  BAM!

This juice was amazing!  And since I keep all of my produce in the fridge.  It was exactly what the cravings asked for.  It was cool, refreshing and PACKED with nutrients, vitamins and protein!

When I put in my new weight at MyFitnessPal...
217.2 POUNDS! I received this little message!


You've lost more than 10 lbs since the last time your goals were set!

I weighed in officially at 252 pounds on January 12th!
Only 27 Days Later...
I am now 217.2 pounds!
I feel more energized than ever!

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