Goal Questions and a Cook Book

  • I was asked these questions by a beach body coach. This same coach asked me if she could post my story on her facebook page.  Pretty cool that she'd ask and do that.  Her page is: https://www.facebook.com/BeActive2 She posted it on Saturday.  I don't have a direct link to the post she did, but if you scroll down you'll see my Day 1 and Day 27 photos and you'll know you're there.

    Her questions:
    Are you starting to feel the difference in your life. More energy, sleeping better, happier, able to do more with the family?
    Is your weight loss journey to win the contest or to live healthier for you and your family? Maybe both?
  • My answers: 
    (Below my answer is a touch about a cool cookbook that I was introduced to a few years ago.  Having recipes that you can 'turn' to for anyone, is huge.  Especially since this world revolves around meals... literally.)
    I am feeling so great! I HAVE so MUCH energy! I feel like I'm 22 again! I'm able to play and jump around with my kids, like I am a kid! It is amazing!
    My weight loss journey was first for my own health... I wanted me back and for my knees to stop popping when I sat down and for me to be able to "fit" into normal clothing. I was tired of the 'poncho' look that fat clothes give guys. Most options are large shirts and sweat pants... I didn't like that. Then, when I found the contests, that financial incentive (the fees to enter) added motivation. When I received an email / message saying that people are reading my blog and watching this become a reality... that encouraged me even more! Way more than I ever expected.
    I'm doing this first and foremost for me. Then my wife and kids. Then the contests. But paying $50, $75, $100, $150 and $300 to enter these contests ($650 in all) has really motivated me!
    The $50 has a $600 payout (winner takes all).
    The $75 is for the team challenge. $10,000 ($2,000 each).
    The $100 has a $5,000 payout for first place.
    The $150 is a bump to get paid $300 upon successful completion.
    The $300 is a bump to get paid $1,000 upon completion.
    -The last two are personal challenges, not 'contests' for say.
    One is for lowering my BMI to a healthy BMI in a year and the other is for losing 10% of my body weight by July (which I've already done).

    There are 5 that I believe I will win. Financial motivation, is a motivator. There is a bit over $7,600 up for grabs. Then one other contest had no fee for entering but has a $50,000 payout. The downside is, the winner is totally decided by judges and their decision of who had the most impressive weight loss transformation. I'd love to win that too.... it is a World Wide pool of people... once again, the judges decide. Not overall weight loss. That is a factor, but they make the final decision.
    So... there you have it. 
    And I am SOOOOO HAPPY and so much more healthier! I can tell already!
    The cookbook I mentioned:
    I am so glad that I am doing this!  I know that I am fitter and healthier than I was just a few weeks ago!  I look forward to sensible eating and to trying new recipes.  A long time ago my friends told me about the book the Happy Herbivore, as it was a way to step into better eating without actually diving in head first.  My wife enjoyed several recipes in that book and I am intrigued to find more recipes that will be tasty to both raw eaters and meat eaters alike.  The great thing about this book is the author has truly put the recipes through the ringer and had them tasted by "meat" eaters and raw food eaters.  She then rates them according to the results and feedback given.  This is a HUGE help especially when / if you are planning for 'mixed' company.

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    1. WOW, you have such a fantastic story. You have so many wonderful reasons why you are on your weight loss journey. Most people say “I want to lose weight” but never really truly find their WHY. Why they really want and need to lose weight. For example one lady said she wanted to lose weight and after asking a few questions (many question) found out her real WHY. It was to save her marriage and her life. Once she knew her WHY she wanted to lose weight she was able to 50 pounds in 4 months. Which is the most she has ever lost.

      I bet you will win with your story and your transformation! You have a long life ahead of you filled with happiness and good health. Your kids will remember this and it will influence their own health when they grow up.

      Keep going strong and updating your blog, you are inspiring more people then you know. You could even be changing someone else’s life and not even know it. If we don’t help others or inspire them to improve their health, they may never get the help they need.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story and your WHY with me.