Saw this question.

"What do you guys think about training on an empty stomach? Yes? No? If you do eat before then what is it and how soon before your training?"

My reply:
Just started doing nothing before and I love it! I have heard that some people cannot do it because they get light headed. Fortunately for me that has not been an issue. I would much rather force my body to burn the calories that are already there then to burn the new calories that I just stuffed in. After the workout I wait at least 30 to 45 minutes before I eat. As my body will still be burning calories even though I am done with the workout. It is like having a burning log on the fire. The log will still smolder and burn even if the main flames has been stopped.
My family came to visit and while it has been fun my workouts have been slightly off. I have stayed true to my eating. Otherwise known as juicing.
I have a lot to blog about, including the results from my doctor's appointment yesterday and blood work last week. However, it probably will not be updated until late tonight or tomorrow morning.
Family is what is most important and just about every time I go to do something workout and or blog wise they grab me and want to play games or go do an activity.
I will ask my sweet wife to take some photos and will upload those as well.

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