''How do you all cope?''

I saw this question asked by a fellow MyFitnessPal participant.

"All these cravings are driving me crazy. .. How do you all cope? =/"

This was my answer:

I look at it like this... I WILL BE ALIVE THE NEXT 3 MONTHS ANYWAYS... And I tell myself that.

Seriously!  I'm going to be here.. so I can be here FAT or I can be here Healthy and Fit and enjoy life!  I have chosen to be here as a healthy fit person!  Something that I let go for way to long.  I have the unfortunate stretch marks on my stomach to show for my horrid choices and lazy ways... funny thing is.  My choices were not HORRID... I was not a big soda, or candy person.  I was simply a BIG lover of food.  I'd pack it in.  Instead of slowing down and enjoying it.  I'd simply keep shoveling it in.  Why? Because it was good!  Food was good! Food IS good!  When it comes right down to it.  I have decided that once I hit my goal (166 pounds) that I will seriously maintain.  How to maintain? How to get me there.  By savoring each bite.  One bite at a time.  By slowing down and ALLOWING the food to sit on my taste buds longer.  You no longer 'taste' the food once it passes the back of the tongue.  So... I'll enjoy it.  I'll let each bite resonate on my tongue for a bit longer and I'll take smaller bites.  I'll eat less and truly enjoy the meal a lot more!

I'll do all that I can.  And I'm not taking any 'diet pills' or supplements. I'm simply consuming the most nutrient rich foods that I can.  The Standard American Diet consists of a lot of 'white' food (rice, noodles, breads, sugar, etc...) that has been stripped of most of their nutrients and minerals. That is what we eat.  And we feel that we need a lot of it!  Give us the most bang for our buck!

We don't need that. We simply need a nice meal and a bit of self control.  Small bites... (place your fork or spoon down between each bite will help too) Allow the AMAZING food and flavors that we love to hangout on our tongue and in our mouth for a few more seconds. That we can truly enjoy those flavors before we send them down the pipes to be decomposed, broken down and absorbed. Allowing us to satisfy the desire for flavorful food and will give the stomach time needed to tell the brain that it is full.

One of the best thing (imo) to overcome eating bad things when a craving hits is having less of the 'bad' things in the house.  Have your fruits and veggies in the fridge ready to go.  When I buy grapes, strawberries and blueberries for the family, I wash them when I stick them in the fridge.  That way they are ready to go and become a quick snack when a craving hits. You can do this for apples, pears, etc...  I also wash off my greens first. Collards, kale, cucumbers, or whatever else I have.  It takes a few seconds and then they are ready to go whenever a craving hits.

For anyone taking the steps to lose weight and to get their life back... Best of luck to you all!

My Progress: 35.8 Pounds Lost in 28 Days!

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